Payment Information

Payment method

  • All payments will be done online, using credit card or PayPal.

Installment plan

  • FALL/WINTER SEASON: 8 month Installment Plan
  • FALL/WINTER + SPRING SUMMER SEASONS: 12 month Installment Plan

Payment Dates:

  • August 18th 2017
  • September 18th 2017
  • October 18th 2017
  • November 18th 2017
  • December 18th 2017
  • January 18th 2017
  • February 18th 2017


Sibling discounts

10% on the second child and successive children

Bring-a-friend discount

If you refer a friend to any of our programs both you and your friend will earn $25 each if registered to any of our future soccer camps and $75 each if registered to any of our Academy programs. Please note that your friend must be a new participant.

The maximum number of people that you can refer to our programs is 5 per person, meaning that the maximum discount possible if of $125 for the camps programs and $375 for the academy programs.

Please note that the discounted amount will be refunded once all players complete their registrations.  If you would like to refer a friend, simply send us an email to fcbescolavancouver@bcnsportscanada.com with the player’s name, DOB, and contact information.


  • Please note that this is a season long commitment, no refunds will be provided after the start of the program
    • A pro-rated refund will be provided if the player sustains a long term injury

      that prevents him/her from training until the end of the season

  • If cancel your registration before the start of the program there will be a cancellation fee of $350