Train like a champion

In FCBEscola UAE we work in the same way as other FCBEscolas around the world and follow the direction set by FCBEscola Barcelona. The trainings are based on the methodology devised many years ago in FC Barcelona for the first teams and youth teams.

With this methodology the club has been growing and improving players like Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol, Valdés, Piqué, Cesc, Busquets, Pedro, Thiago. All of them previously formed “ La Masia” and currently play in the first team and various national teams worldwide.
We teach the main technical skills of Xavi, Messi, Iniesta, Busquets like control and pass, running with the ball, dribbling and shooting.
One part of the training is based on the application of these technical elements in real game situations. We also work towards developing main tactical concepts of football always associated with the FC Barcelona style of play.

Through our training we aim at our players being able to make their own decisions during the game; if a player makes a wrong decision we can use this to enhance his/her learning process and ensure the right decision is made next time. Of course we also try to get our players to enjoy doing what they love – playing football.

Our members train three times a week, we believe this is the perfect number of sessions to develop young footballers. These include two training sessions and the third session is an internal match.

Under guidance of coach, during training sessions different technical and tactical skills are worked on, providing assistance to kids on different tools to solve the various footballing situations. In the match day our objective is for the players to apply everything they’ve learnt during the week.

Regular attendance is very important to:

  • Give players a core training routine, essential for progress
  • Ensure they are assimilated in their team (team mates and coach)
  • Make it easy for them to keep up work and learning process
  • Achieve all our sporting objectives
  • Be committed in FCBEscola UAE project