FCBEscola Dubai

Internal FCBescola League and friendly matches every week:                                                   

Each week all our teams have a match day where the teams play against other teams of our soccer school. That day our players learn how to apply the concepts trained on during sessions in real matches.
Teams U16, U14 and U12 are involved in regular leagues and matches where the players learn how to compete with other teams applying FCBEscola style of play.

Local and International Tournaments:

Throughout our season we participate in different local and international tournaments, this helps to generate competiveness and teaches players how to cope under stress. We participate regularly in local tournaments and football league. This gives our best players the full experience of being a professional football player.

Family Fun Days:

We always work hard to create lively innovative events for the players. We run family fun days, whether it is a football match with the children vs their parents, football matches where the children invite their brothers, sisters and friends along or a multi-sports day for the whole family to enjoy.

Barcelona Winter and Summer Camps:

FCBEscola philosophy is to develop and maintain social functions parallel to the sport itself. At the end of each season a summer camp is organized for FCBEscola players and families in Barcelona for a one-week period that is always extremely successful. The players and the staff have an excellent time. They are trained by the coaches of the best leagues of Europe and attend discussions. During the 6 days the players spend in the camp, they undergo skills training, swimming sessions, theoretical training in the form of watching old matches and competition with the teams from the other academies. The players get to see the famous cups and trophies in real and have an informative glimpse by visiting sports newspapers.