Parents Info


Who is the FC Barcelona School for?
The FC Barcelona School welcomes both boys and girls between 4-16 years old, of all abilities regardless of the Football Club they are fan of. The only criteria is that they have the enthusiasm to play football and the desire to improve.

Can my child have a trial session to see if he/she likes it?
Yes, we give an opportunity to children to have a trial. Please contact the FCBEscola UAE with this enquiry and we can arrange an appropriate session for your child to attend.

What needs to be brought to each session?
Footwear suitable for the surface, shin guards, named water bottle tracksuit top/sweatshirt in winter period if necessary. Each player must wear an appropriate colour uniform for match day or a regular training session (red or blue respectively).

Can parents stay and watch?
Yes, at FCBEscola UAE venues parents are permitted to remain onsite whenever training sessions/matches take place. However, parents must be outside the football pitch and are strictly not allowed to cross the field when sessions take place.

Can I enroll my child for a short-term program?
No, unfortunately we do not run short-term programs. FC Barcelona offers 3 types of memberships depending on the duration of the program: 4, 6 and 9 months memberships.

Can I transfer my child from one branch to another?
Yes, however it depends on the availability in a desired branch for your child’s specific age group. Should you have such enquiry, please feel free to contact the FCBEscola UAE Admin department to arrange for the transfer or a waiting list.

What are the payment options do I have and can I pay for the memberships in several installments?
Payment can be made by either cash, cheque or credit card. Membership payments are to be made at once upon registration, however two installments opportunity can be given to those enrolling for the full season (9 months).

Will my child’s performance on the field be improved?
It is our aim for every child to gain success at their individual as well as a team level. Our coaching staff are specifically trained to pass on how FC Barcelona players are trained. Our specially designed coaching programs help improve the skill levels in all children.

Will my child get a regular evaluation?
Yes, each player receives a written and close assessment twice a year from the coach and a Technical Team of a particular branch with weak/strong areas and improvement based on FC Barcelona curriculum.

Are there any make up sessions in case my child misses a few days of?
Yes there are but only if a written official doctor notice has been provided.