The FCBEscola UAE reflects the system of FC Barcelona in Spain which has produced incredible talents such as Leonel Messi, Iniesta and Xavi to name but a few. Our Spanish Technical Directors oversee every session and work directly for FC Barcelona, ensuring our training remains equal to that implemented at the Camp Nou.

The FCBEscola UAE gives players the opportunity to participate in numerous Local and International tournaments. Each year our academy players have the opportunity to play in a tournament in Barcelona – a great chance for players to play competitively in the heart of the Camp Nou. At this tournament children compete against other clubs from around the world as well as attending a training session for the FC Barcelona first squad and meeting the stars.

Our FC Barcelona accredited and certified coaches have been flown in to teach the children play football the FC Barcelona way that has become synonymous with victory.

Training is held three times per week. Two of these sessions are dedicated to teaching the children the unique FC Barcelona techniques and skills, with a third session being held exclusively for matches. This allows our academy players to put their new skills into practice when participating in many local & international tournaments throughout the year, as we believe that the exposure to competitive situations greatly helps in their development.


  • The fundamental essence of the FC Barcelona curriculum is one devoted to individual player improvement, which isn’t merely aimed to enhance the level of each child but rather develops physical, interpersonal and social skills.
  • FCBEscola teaches players the techniques that will help them develop into accomplished and confident performers with correct attitude, both on and off the pitch. The school’s arrival in Dubai follows the success of FCBEscola’s programs in Cairo, Riyadh and Kuwait. Already about 400 students from across the emirate have enrolled for the training program.
  • We provide the best learning environment where players can gain experience from professional coaches while maintaining a safe, positive and fun learning atmosphere with a spirit of fair play.
  • We believe that football is a team game not an individual sport. Therefore, we make a great emphasis on each and every player’s commitment to a team spirit, as when a team outgrows individual performance and learns team confidence, excellence becomes a reality.
  • All training sessions are managed by Spanish Technical Directors Mr. Jordi Solleone Servera, who was trained and assigned by Football Club Barcelona. The school applies the training curriculum developed by Football Club Barcelona for all its’ schools around the world.