Can I get information about FCBEscola Istanbul?

FCBEscola Istanbul is a soccer school aiming to teach the philosophy of Barcelona Football Club to the students between 6-14 years old. With its schools in Turkey, FCBEscola provides training for more than 4000 athletes in 16 different countries. FCBEscola Istanbul Soccer School was actualized by Turkish Football Federation’s consent as a result of interest and participation in FCBEscola Istanbul Soccer Camps which was hold all across Turkey in 2012 and 2013. The trainings at school are conducted with two Spanish Coaches connected with Barcelona Football Club and Turkish trainers being specialist in their fields.

Is FCBEscola Istanbul an official school of Barcelona?

Yes, FCBEscola İstanbul is connected with Barcelona Football Club and it provides trainings under the control of FCBEscola Soccer Schools. x

When does FCBEscola Istanbul Soccer School open?

FCBEscola İstanbul Soccer School starts at the same term with formal education system.

First term is between September and January. Second Term is between February and June.

Where are FCBEscola Istanbul Soccer Schools located?

While one of them is located in European Part, the other one is located in Anatolian Part.

The former one operates at ITU Ayazaga Campus, in Maslak. The latter one provides trainings at Maltepe University Marmara Education Village Football Facilities.

Do you have boarding education?

No, we don’ have.

How is the transportation of students provided?

Our students will come to schools with their own means.

How is the security of my child provided?

Approved and allowed by Turkish Football Federation, FCBEscola Istanbul Soccer School is currently providing education at extremely safe university campuses. In addition to existing security team, the staff assigned by us will ensure that your child continues his or her trainings in a safe environment.

Which country do coaches come from?

The trainings will be done under the leadership of two Spanish coaches coming from Barcelona Football Club and also in company with specialist certificated football coaches from Turkey.

Do the coaches have certificates?

Yes, both Spanish and local coaches have certificates which are necessary.

In which language will my child communicate with his/her coach?

Our student will communicate with coaches by means of translators like professional clubs. He or she will also communicate with other coaches in Turkish.

How many students will be at every age group?

Every age group consists of 12 students.

Which process should I follow for registration?

First of all, the students should participate in qualifying and placement test trainings in order to join FCBEscola Istanbul Soccer School. It is enough to fill in the form on main page http://kayit.fcbescolaistanbul.com/   in order to participate in qualifying event. After you fill in the form, our Call Center will call you and give you information about time schedule and other details. To get more information, you can call our Call Center 0212-2174244

Is there any sibling discount or another discount?

Different charging policies will be applied on according to different age groups and different product categories.

Do girls also get admission to FCBEscola Istanbul?

Yes, they can register on football school.



Is there any other Barcelona Soccer School in Turkey?

No, for now, FCBEscola Istanbul Soccer School only provides trainings at Istanbul Technical University Ayazaga Campus and Maltepe University Marmara Education Village, Istanbul.