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Do you want to train the whole year under the most successful soccer training methodology of the last 10 years?
Do you want to train in the best soccer facility of South Florida?
Do you want to be part of the first & only F.C.Barcelona Academy in the U.S.A.?
F.C.Barcelona is known around the world for playing attractive and offensive soccer, a style of play based on short passing, movement, patience, moving the ball through various channels and keeping the possession.
The FCBEscola Florida is a soccer academy model based on FC Barcelona’s philosophy, aimed at kids U6 to U14


The FCBEscola Florida will be the best way to feel like a FCBarcelona player since participants will be training under the same successful methodology learned by Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol, Fabregas, Busquets, Valdes, Piqué among others which consist of a series of progressive exercises related to each stage or level of education.

FCBEscola main objectives:

The Academy’s main goal is based in two important objectives:

1. Teaching each player all the important aspects of soccer so players can successfully execute the soccer challenges they will face in the future.

    • Initiation (U6-U7-U8):
      Working on basic soccer techniques.
    • Pre-formation (U9‐U10):
      Working on essential soccer tac’cs and improvement of technical skills.
    • Formation (U11‐U12):
      Working on essential soccer tactics and improvement of technical skills based on soccer 7.
    • Pre-competition (U13‐U14): Working on essential soccer tactics and improvement of technical skills based on soccer 7 and 11.

2. Transmitting the values that represent FC Barcelona: tolerance, respect, solidarity, friendship, fair play, integration, effort, and happiness.

Programs available:

  • Competitive program: Players who have a good coordinative level and we can demand them the maximum according to their age. 40% Technical / 30% Tactical / 30% System
  • Recreational program: Players who have an average coordinative level and wish to improve their level. 50% Technical / 30% Tactical / 20% System

Development thru games:

Depending on the program teams play in an internal league, internal tournaments or in external tournaments with the objective of learning while practicing aspects worked on during training.

FCBEscola International Tournament:

Every season, a selected group of players will be invited to play in the teams representing the FCBEscola Florida during the FCBEscola International tournament in Barcelona.