Get your kid live a once in a lifetime experience by enjoying the FCBEscola specific trainings where they are taught the same way Barcelona players were taught. The atmosphere, sessions and matches make players feel as Barca Players.

Training under our Spanish technical directors who implement technical and tactical programs from the season which are used in Barcelona would be a great opportunity for players live like a professional football player.

BABYU5Born 2012 - 2013
PRE INITIATIONU6Born 2010 – 2011
INITIATIONU8Born 2008 – 2009
PRE FORMATIONU10Born 2006 – 2007
FORMATIONU12Born 2004 – 2005
PRE COMPETITIONU14Born 2002 – 2003
COMPETITIONU16Born 2000 – 2001


Our Escola consist of 2 training sessions per week and one match. The Escola program is structured by our technical directors to ensure that coaches play an important role in the development of each player.


The players in the Goalkeeper programs are trained in the same timings as all other players but they undergo specific trainings with the academy’s goalkeeper coach. They have one separate training sessions and another one where they interact with all other players to practice the concepts learner during their specialized trainings.


To continue following the same methodology as Barcelona, our Spanish Technical Directors choose our top quality football players as a selection team in order to participate in the international FCB Tournament in Barcelona.

Although players are always under the supervision of the technical directors and coaches, evaluation happens every 3 months to give players the opportunity to prove themselves to join the selection team.