Egyptian League

The Egyptian league for youth is the strongest competition for youth featuring professional association football clubs and football academies in Egypt.

It started in 2006, Using the group stage/ Qualifications format. The competition is divided according to areas, where each district has its own competition; Cairo, Giza & Alexandria area.

It is played for specific age categories U10, U12 & U14; which helps the players to be prepared for a new stage in their football career in the future.

Since the initiation of the league FCBEscola has always been keen to participate to apply what players learnt during their training sessions in such a strong competition.

FCBEScola participates in the league in Al-Giza area which embraces professional football clubs such as Zamalek, Tersana, Seid and October club. Other football academies such as Real Madrid. Atletico Madrid and Paris Saint German also take part in the league.

Parents are also interested in being there to watch their children competing in such a strong league against elite teams such as Zamalek. They also focus on the improvement of their children during the matches starting from the ball control, passing technique and how players apply the opening and closing the field. Not only that; but they start comparing FCBEscola players with other clubs and academies which maintains kind of loyalty and appreciation between our Escola and the parent himself.