Activities Description

  • Internal League: Matches between teams of same age within the same branch.
  • Champions League: Matches between teams of same age between the two branches.
  • Super Cup: Winners of internal leagues compete against each other on the day for the highest title.
  • Periodic Player Evaluation: Player evaluation each three month to monitor the progress of each player and point out the areas where the player needs to give more attention
  • Internal Loyalty program: each month we celebrate a group birthday party for the kids born on the related month.
  • Carnival: Special themed carnicals like mothers day, easter, fathers day, etc… these carnival involves parents participation in addition to some irrelevant fun activities
  • Summer camp: FCBEscola philosophy is to develop and maintain social functions parallel to the sport itself, at the end of each season a summer camp is organized for FCBEscola players and families in Barcelona for a two week period which was extremely successful. The players and the staff had an excellent time. Three summer camps have already taken place in the last summers and our children had lots of fun. They were trained by the coaches of the best leagues of Europe and attended discussions. During the 6 days the players spent in the camp, they underwent skills training, swimming sessions, theoretical training in the form of watching old matches and competition with the teams from the other academies. The players got to see the famous cups and trophies in real and had an informative glimpse by visiting sports newspapers.
  • Summer Programs: Soccer Clinics The idea of Soccer clinics is basically sending some of FCBEscola Technical staff to Schools (Choeuyfat & MES) to train the kids there during their normal PE classes ? Summer Programs FCBEscola has opened a summer clinic during the month of August 2008 in two of the North Coasts most popular compounds: Hacienda and the Diplomatic Village in Sidi Abdel Rahman. The clinic achieved its full capacity of 200 player.