FCBEscola Egypt

The best way of picking up the beautiful game of football is to start at an early age and what’s better than an early start with FCBEscola (Barcelona Soccer Academy). At FCBEscola we provide trainings from a toddler age of under 4 to teens under 16.

Given that football is not only about playing but also learning. FCBEscola offers the same programs around the world in more than 36 countries to teach the children lifelong skills that is needed in their daily life.

The FCBEscolas work on their own based on the Barça methodology which includes a creative and attacking brand of football and the promotion of positive values such as respect, effort, ambition, teamwork and modesty.
What’s better than training in the same way like Barcelona’s legends do; what’s better than following the same methodology like Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol, Pique and many others.

Mission Statement

Comprehensive education of the player, passion for sport and transmission of the values represented by FC Barcelona, and through our projects, to be able to reach every corner of the world to share our philosophy and way of doing things, always seeking excellence and expanding the Barça name.


We seek to become a universal brand and become world leaders in the sporting and human education of players by means of a single and differentiated project model in order to reach as many people around the world as possible.


  • Teaching the basic concepts of football.
  • Transmitting the education value of football spirits in terms of basic rights, guided by the principles of coexistence and fair play.

Social Values

  • Humility: 
    Humility consists of knowing how to be clear about one’s values, and how to maintain them and defend them.
  • Effort:
    Effort is a value that leads us to achieve targets and objectives that at times may appear distant or
  • Ambition:
    Ambition is the desire to achieve the maximum performance and to improve day to day.
  • Respect:
    Respect for others is one of the basic requirements of democratic life and the capacity to live in society.
  • Teamwork:
    There are undeniable benefits to knowing you are a part of a team.