The players in the Goalkeeper program will undergo specific training with the academy’s goalkeeper coach.  At the end of every session they will be integrated with their respective teams to practice the concepts learned and worked in their goalkeeper training. This program takes place in both our Victoria Soccer Club and Turf Training Centre locations.

Training1 or 2 sessions per week
DaysMonday, Tuesday, and/or Friday
Fall/Winter DatesOctober 23rd 2017 - March 23rd 2018
Summer DatesApril 15 2018 - October 5 2018
Coach/Player Ratio1/12
Age GroupsU10 - U18
CompetitionInternal Tournaments / Friendlies. Potential participation in the Annual International Tournament in Barcelona with the other Escolas around the world. Annual National Competition event against the other Escolas in Canada.
Competition daysEvery other weekend
AccessOpen program although an assessment will be conducted on the player



  • Specific Training for goalkeepers under the FCBEscola Methodology
  • Always conceive of the goalkeeper as an important part of the team
  • Reduced groups for a better implementation of the methodology
  • Training executed by a licensed trainer under the supervision of the academy’s Technical Director
  • Create habits and manners for the goalkeepers of the future


Although the range of complexity varies according to the training stage, the main goal of the goalkeeping program is to develop the technical capacity needed in order to succesfully play the position under the FC Barcelona Methodology. Our goalkeeping coaches focus on enhancing the technique of the players through a series of drills and exercises practiced by the FCBEscola in Barcelona.

  • Handling, Kicking, Blocking, and Throwing
  • Punching, Rushing out, and Aerial abilities
  • Penalties, Reflexes, and Diving


The tactical development aspect of this program will introduce the players to an advanced level of tactical play. Players will gain deeper knowledge about the tactical play inherent in the FC Barcelona Methodology.

  • Command of Area, Communication, and Anticipation
  • Transitional play, Decision Making, and Positional Awareness
  • Concentration, Composure, and Vision


The players in the Goalkeeping program will be incorporated into one of the four teams (two teams per age group) created in accordance with the player assessments carried out by the coaches. Goalkeepers will have specific goalie training once a week and will train with their teams for the remaining sessions. They will compete with their respective teams on Saturdays.

The teams will compete once every other Sunday in one of the following events:

  • Exhibition Match – Teams will play friendly games against others in the same program or against external competition.
  • Internal Tournament – An internal league competition including all the teams of each program will be arranged.


  • 2 or 3 training sessions per week for 22 weeks (from April 24th until October 6th)
  • Competitive matches on Saturdays
  • Potential participation in the FCBEscola Canada Tournament in Toronto
  • Detailed player reports
  • Official FC Barcelona Training and Competition Attire( *)
    • 1 FCB Training kit
    • 1 FCB Competition Kit
    • 1 FCB Jacket
    • 1 FCB Backpack

*Uniform sold separately