The FCBEscola Edmonton consists of different training phases according to the different age groups and a supplementary skill based program (Tecnificació):

    • Iniciació U7 U8 | 2010-09
    • Pre-Formació U9 U10 | 2008-07
    • Formació U11 U12 | 2006-05
    • Pre-Competició U13 U14 | 2004-03
    •  U6-U16 | 2011 – 2001
    •  U9 – U16 | 2008 – 2001

The programs are structured to ensure that every coach plays a close role in each player’s development and the training sessions encourage a high degree of participation. As a result each team is composed by a maximum of 12 players.

The FCBEscola Edmonton employs the same training methods used by the youth teams at the Club, which consist of a group of progressive and interrelated exercises, adapted to each training level or stage.